The ISO Subframe allows users to convert a 20 foot ISO/Land Sea Container to function on a roll-off truck. The operation of the truck while hoisting the ISO Subframe is identical to the standard operation with a roll-off container. The following instructions illustrate the necessary procedure to secure an ISO Container to the subframe.


1. To lift the container, you can utilize fork pockets or attach a crane to the top four corners.

Note: The lowest point of the container during the lifting process must be the ISO blocks located at the bottom four corners of the container. This is critical because once the container is set on the subframe there is zero clearance between the container and subframe.

2. Set the container onto the subframe.

3. Be sure that all four twist-lock assemblies have been inserted into the ISO blocks located on the bottom four corners of the container.

4. Rotate the handle of the twist-lock assemblies 90 degrees in a counter-clockwise rotation into the locked position shown.

5. Once all four of the twist-lock assemblies have been rotated into the locked position, the subframe and attached container are ready for operation.