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Meagan Daugherty

As a cheaper and available alternative to purchasing new roll-off containers for your fleet, you’ve purchased some shipping containers. You’ve also gone through the process of contacting a part manufacturer to build you a roll-off ISO Subframe, an engineered 20’ frame design that was customized to work with your roll-off system, either cable, hooklift, or combo style, specifically used to convert shipping containers into a roll-off system compatible container. Now you’re staring at all the shipping containers and roll-off ISO Subframes scattered across your lot and thinking “Now what?” We’ve got you covered.

The exclusive, ready-to-use, design of the Roll-Off Parts ISO Subframe makes it easy to get started. They are equipped with ISO twist lock assemblies on each corner and take less than a minute to engage. Here’s how simple it is:  

Step 1: Lift the container with either a fork truck or crane.

Step 2: Set the container onto the subframe.
Note! You may need a spotter to ensure that you are setting it just right.

Step 3: Be sure that all four twist lock assemblies have been inserted into the ISO blocks located on the bottom four corners of the container.

Step 4: Rotate the handles of the twist lock assemblies 90° counter-clockwise into the locked position. You will see that the lock turn into the ISO blocks to lock the container onto the subframe.

Step 5: Once all four of the twist lock assemblies have been rotated into the locked position, the subframe and attached container are ready for operation with your truck roll-off system.

It truly is that simple. And after a few times, you’ll take less than a minute to complete all five steps and get this Shipping Container/Subframe combo out on the road.

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